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Team blog GEM4ME №133


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will talk about the upcoming changes in the functionality of calls. The first thing worth talking about is the link to the call.

Callback links are important for the following reasons:

  • this is convenient, because the link to the call allows you to make a call without entering the number manually;
  • this is effective because the link to the call helps reduce the time it takes to make a call.

How will it look like? Immediately after the call starts, the user will have the opportunity to copy the link and send it to those contacts that he would like to see on the call. Moreover, the link will work both for authorized users and for those who do not even have the application installed.

The next major change concerns the visual part. Now, with a full-screen call mode, it is extremely difficult to understand who connected to the call and who exactly is talking. Of course, there is a separate screen where all this is visible, but we want to make the visual clear right away. To do this, we will change the main call screen. Now "windows" will be displayed here not only for users who have video enabled, but also for all those who connected to the call (without video).

We won't describe other changes - let them remain a surprise for you. We only promise that it will be quite pleasant :)

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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