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Team blog GEM4ME №136


Good afternoon friends.

With this update, we are starting to give all of our updates proper names. We decided to call our new release Riesling - in honor of the birthday of one of the best grapes;)

Riesling's most important innovation is the multisession functionality. Immediately after the update, all users will be able to log in with one account from several mobile platforms. Now it is also possible to manage sessions - that is, you can see when and from where you logged into your account, and deactivate authorization on those devices that you do not need. At the same time, all the functionality of the messenger will work on all devices (calls, correspondence, MS, etc.).

The rest of the innovations are not so global, but we made them to make it even more convenient for you to use the application:

  • changed backgrounds with jams;
  • introduced limits on invitations to groups to protect against spam;
  • personalized news feed;
  • changed the logic of the scroll down button in the chat.

On the web platform, we also made two more tabs in the chat profile - for links and voice messages, respectively.

Our next public release will be on April 29th.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me Team

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