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Team blog GEM4ME №16


Good afternoon friends!

Next week we plan to launch chat bots. It's time to talk about them a little more.

Some of you may remember that we've already had chat bots. But they were implemented by another team and did not work very well. Therefore, when we were preparing the redesign, we made a decision - to disconnect the bots and rewrite the entire platform from scratch. It will be easier, cheaper and faster than trying to bring old designs to the level we need.

After the redesign, we had a more urgent task - video calls, so the bots needed to wait a bit, but finally their time came.

Bots are quite large and serious functionality, and so you can see how the work on it is going, we decided to release it iteratively, in small parts. To begin with, we will have a catalog and a few simple bots, which are enough to check the basic functionality, fix bugs and collect your wishes. The development of the platform will depend on your feedback. We will try to take your wishes into account and to create the bots that you really need. This will save us from the cost of introducing unnecessary functionality, and you from questions to the support service.

Our chatbot plan now looks like this:

1. We launch the catalog of bots. The catalog will be divided into categories so that it is convenient for you to navigate it when searching for the right bots.

2. We connect three types of interaction with bots:

a.Multi-line buttons. For example, it looks like interaction with a bot that helps to book a hotel room.b. Single line buttons - reactions, quick answers.

c. Widgets - interactive multimedia communication with the bot using buttons, images and links.

3. We connect third-party developers to develop bots.

4. We add new bots by ourselves.

5. We give you the opportunity to add bots to group chats.

6. We are working on the possibility of creating add-ons (additional functionality) controlled by a bot.

Our first bot will be the Welcome-bot. This is a bot that will help you better know our application and its functionality. After all, it is no secret to anyone that usually in the application there are much more functions than the average user see.

Next, we plan to connect two more useful bots - a translator and a weather forecast. The first will help you directly translate words, phrases and even whole texts directly in the messenger - this is useful when communicating in a language you do not know. The second - in one click it will give the weather forecast for the necessary days in the city you need. You can even configure it so that the bot gives you a forecast every day at a specific time.

Thanks for watching, see you in a week!

Gem4me Development Team

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