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Team blog GEM4ME №19


Good afternoon friends!

Next week - on July 15th - we will release the next update of the messenger, so the current issue of the Blog is dedicated to the announcements.

Let's start with the main innovation - video conferences. Now you can participate in video calls in group chats. Up to 50 people will be able to connect to the video conference, but at the first stage only 7 out of 50 people will be able to display the video. As soon as we make sure that in the current format everything works without any issues, the limit of the videos displayed will be removed.

Now we are testing video conferencing and constantly use them for phone calls within the team - in addition to resolving working issues, such meetings help us in finding errors in video calls and quickly eliminating them. But if you encounter some unaccounted problem, you can always write to us in one of the chat rooms for testing Gem4me, we will respond instantly.

We remind you the addresses of the test chats:




Video conferencing is the most important, but not the only functionality that we have been working on lately. Already on July 15, a new status of “Busy” will appear on all platforms (in the case when the user participates in another conversation), on iOS - the ability to edit messages, on Android - the current online status, and on Web and Android - the ability to delete other people's messages (by group administrators in group chats).

Thanks for watching, see you in a week!

Gem4me Development Team

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