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Team blog GEM4ME №20


Hello everyone!

Today is an important day for us - we launch group video calls. After you update your application, you will have the option of a video call in group chats for up to 50 users. We already wrote about how they will work here.

For your convenience, we also added two additional statuses during the call - “Busy” (if the user is already talking to someone) and “No answer” (if the user has not accepted the call). And group chat administrators will appreciate the ability to delete members' messages.

Also in the current release you will find several improvements for Android and iOS. IPhone owners can now edit and delete their messages, leave channels and see the correct system messages about who is in or out of group chat. In addition, now you can share your coordinates with a friend.

For Android users, we improved the display of online statuses and gave a more convenient opportunity to send an invitation link in Gem4me to our friends.

And a few words about our future plans for the next month. We will spend part of the time on perfecting the functionality of video calls. But at the same time, we are already doing a few more interesting things, including sharing the screen during a call, voice messaging, and improving the Welcome bot.

Thanks for watching, see you in a week!

Gem4me Development Team

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