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Team blog GEM4ME №21


Hello, friends!

Today we are ready to make another announcement — on August 5, voice messages will be available in our messenger. With the help of voice messages, you can communicate without typing with your hands.

As usual, we launch the functionality in stages: first you will have the ability to “read” messages, then we will enable the ability to translate messages into text and transfer audio files to each other (for example, music tracks). Voice messages and audio files can be played on all platforms.

To send a voice message, smartphone owners need to open the chat, press and hold the microphone icon, and then start speaking. When you have said all you want, remove your finger from the microphone icon. The message will be downloaded and sent automatically. If, while recording a message, you change your mind to send it — swipe left. This will cancel sending.

In chat, voice messages will be displayed as a bar graph (bar graph) showing the duration of the message. In order to play a voice message, you just need to click on the play button.

Thank you for your attention and see you in a week!

Gem4me Development Team

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