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Team blog GEM4ME №24


Hello everyone!

We have already told you earlier about what kind of encryption we use, how and where your data is stored. And today in our blog we wanted to share our ideas and plans for the development of functionality related to privacy and confidentiality in our messenger.

At this point, we already have some features that protect users. For example, even now, in the Android version of the messenger, the time when you were online can be seen only by those users who are in your Contacrs. Also, any of you have the ability to block an "unknown" user who writes you for the first time. We plan to continue to deal with privacy issues, so we will add a couple more useful features in the near future. You will be able to specify:

  • who can invite you to groups and channels;
  • who can find you through search;
  • who can see your phone number.

To manage this, we are planning to add a new menu item in the messenger settings. There, everyone will subsequently choose the level of profile openness that is comfortable for him - whether all of the above can be done by anyone, or only verified contacts from your phone book.

We also plan to work on managing active sessions - that mean, you can see when and on what device authorization takes place under your username in the messenger. We are already thinking about alternative authorization methods (for example, using social media accounts).

We are in touch, albeit with difficulties, due to the unstable situation in the country.

Your Gem4me Development Team

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