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Team blog GEM4ME №25


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will tell you about our plans for the development of channels. At the moment, in Gem4me, channels are not much different from group chats: the only difference is that only administrators can send messages to the channel. We want to change that. We also know that it is difficult for users to search for interesting channels, although we already have a lot of them, on any topic.

We decided that we need to take care of the convenience for both readers and administrators, and have identified several major directions in which we will move. Here they are:

  1. Everything related to publishing and viewing materials. We are planning to add a new type of posts — Articles. When you enter the channel, you will see a beautiful preview, and by clicking on it, you will be sent to a full-screen article. While writing such an article, administrators will be able to use all the tools — text (with the ability to format and add titles), media files (pictures, videos), as well as add user contacts and location information.
  2. Everything related to the search and selection of materials. Here we will create a website similar to our catalog of bots, where the user can quickly find what interests him. The catalog will contain a breakdown both by subject matter and by interest. That is, if, for example, you are interested in everything related to cars, you will receive a complete list of channels that directly or indirectly relate to this topic.
  3. Let's separately highlight the direction of online streaming. We have almost completed the implementation of the functionality of calls and group conferences and now, on its basis, we can provide our users with the opportunity to conduct their own online broadcasts. This functionality will give us the opportunity to compete with services such as Twitch, Instagram, Youtube and other streaming services.

We will announce the exact release date of all these ideas a little later.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

Gem4me development team

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