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Team blog GEM4ME №26


Good afternoon friends.

Despite the still difficult situation in Belarus, where is located the main part of our team, today we have released another release of the Gem4Me messenger. Now let's talk about all the innovations.

Let's start with the bot catalog, which is regularly filled with new assistants. We've added a translator bot to make it easier for you to communicate with friends or partners from other countries. To connect it, you just need to open the bots directory and find the translator in the list. Bot-translator supports 17 languages and can automatically recognize the language in which messages are sent to it.

We have also done a lot of work to improve the sound quality in voice messages. We received several responses in which you complained that you heard the interlocutor “from a pipe”. Check - now the quality should be consistently better. Plus, now voice messages are available on absolutely all platforms! We know that some users are uncomfortable with the fact that visually voice messages do not differ at all from playing audio files at the moment - just wait for the solution of this issue in the next release.

In addition to voice messages, our team has developed a call completion functionality for everyone, which will be available to initiators of a call in chats. Now, when trying to end a call, an additional window will open for the initiator of the call, where he can choose to end the call for all participants or simply leave the call himself.

We also paid attention to the visual component of the messenger. On the android platform, already in this release, there is a functionality for changing the size of the text of messages, for iOS, similar functionality will be available in the next release. In order to change the size of the text, you need to go to the settings section and select the size that suits you.

In addition to developing new functionality, our team closely monitors the quality of our messenger: in each development cycle, we allocate time for tests, bug fixes and analytics. Starting from the current release, iOS users will not need to re-authorize after each update, and an error with a limitation on the number of participants in groups will also stop playing.

Thanks for your attention!

Your Gem4Me Team

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