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Team blog GEM4ME №27


Good afternoon friends.

In today's release, we would like to announce a new functionality that will become available in the next release: histograms for voice messages and the functionality of forced microphone mute by another user.

Let's start with histograms. What is a histogram? Perhaps the term tells you little other than that it is some kind of graph. Do not be alarmed, in fact, all of you have encountered it more than once. A bar chart is a way to summarize a set of categorical data. A bar chart displays information using multiple columns of different lengths but the same width.

In our case, the histogram is a great tool for visualizing voice messages, in which the length of the bar reflects the volume of the sound. The construction of histograms in Gem4me is carried out using special libraries that analyze the file with the voice message and, based on the obtained analysis, build columns with the volume level. As a result, having received the recorded message, you can already understand from the histogram how much the interlocutor's tone changed during the recording.

The second functionality, which will also appear in the messenger in the near future, is the ability to forcibly turn off the microphone by another user. During group calls, there are often situations in which one of the users simply forgets to turn off their microphone, and as a result, extraneous noise from this user interferes with the communication of all other participants in the group chat. Now you can quickly fix the situation.

Histograms and forced mute will be available in the next update, which will be released on September 16. These are not all innovations, but we will tell you about everything else a little later - stay touched!

Thanks for your attention!

Your Gem4me Team

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