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Team blog GEM4ME №28


Good afternoon friends.

We have already mentioned about our plans to give you the ability to use online masks in video calls. It's time to tell you in a little more detail - we are already in full swing with the development.

What is an online mask?

Online mask is the ability in real time (right during a video call) to impose some kind of graphic effect on a face (or environment). For example, you can add yourself a funny mustache. Or a crown. Or replace the boring background with the interior of a medieval castle. There are many masks and effects, there is something for every taste and suitable for the situation.

How it works?

We use the technologies of automatic face detection (Multiface-tracker) and augmented reality to display the mask. Thus, when transmitting video using artificial intelligence, key points on the face (eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) will be determined, after which an online mask will be added and modified based on these points.

What is it for?

Everyone has their own goals. Some people want to turn boring daily routine into something a little less boring. Someone needs to urgently hide mountains of trash behind their backs to call their parents. Women do not always want to waste time on makeup - a mask will allow you not to strain on this score. Well, the children, of course, will just have fun.


In November. The first masks will be received by users of mobile platforms - iOS and Android. To begin with, about two dozen masks will be available. Within a couple of months, we will see how popular the service has turned out to be and decide whether to expand the collection. In October, we will try to conduct an open beta test of the functionality, so that our most active users will see this new product before the rest.

Thanks for your attention!

Your Gem4me Team

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