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Team blog GEM4ME №29


Good afternoon friends.

Today we have another scheduled release of Gem4me. The main innovations are improving the functionality of recording voice messages and adding the ability to moderate the inclusion of a microphone in group calls.

Let's start with voice messages. The web version has added functionality for generating and displaying histograms for voice messages. We have already talked about what it is and how it works in one of the previous blog posts. Users of the iOS version, after updating the application, will be able to cancel the recording of voice messages if they pressed the button accidentally or simply changed their mind. And on the Android platform, users will be able to reply to voice messages using the "Reply" function and forward messages to other chats. The work on voice messages is not finished yet, there are a few more improvements to be added to the next release.

Another area that we are actively developing - calls - also did not go unnoticed. Users of all platforms starting with the current release will be able to mute someone else's microphone during a group call. This is useful if the included microphone interferes with other users' discussion. For users of the Android platform, the call rollback functionality will also become available, which will allow, in parallel with participating in the call, to perform other actions in Gem4me - correspond in other chats, look at products in MarketSpace, etc.

The iOS version also continues to evolve, the current release will feature message forwarding, and now we are actively working to make it possible to send and view video messages on iOS.

Thanks for your attention!

Your Gem4me Team

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