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Good afternoon friends.

Today we want to share with you some of our development plans for the coming weeks. It will be about searching for contacts, information in chats and previewing links.

We already have a lot of chats and channels, including very large ones, with several thousand people. Previously, we did not have such large communities and the problem of finding the desired contact was not present: scrolling through a list of 10-20 contacts is not so difficult. But scrolling through 6 thousand contacts (because so many people is in our largest public) is a completely different matter. Until our chats have grown to several tens and even hundreds of thousands of participants, we decided to add the functionality of searching for contacts — both by name and by nickname.

We also plan to simplify the search for files and messages. We already have a separate window to search for images, now we are planning to add a similar block to display all files in the chat. The text message search box will also appear later. When you enter text in this field, the messenger will search for messages across the entire message history and return results sorted by message date.

The second feature we are currently working on is displaying additional information when sending a link (Link Preview). This function has already been implemented earlier on the Android platform, but even here it did not always work as intended. Now we will rebuild the process from the server side and the data will always be displayed correctly on all platforms: each link will contain the website name, description and picture.

Development has begun, some of the functionality will be available in October. Stay in touch!

With love from Minsk,

Your Gem4me Team ✌️✊❤️

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