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Team blog GEM4ME №31


Good afternoon friends.

The next quarter of 2020 is ending. One of the most eventful ones, including those that I would like to avoid. But, despite the external background, the third quarter was very productive for us. If you carefully read all the issues of our Blog, then you have come all this way with us. So what have we accomplished in the last three months?

At the very beginning of the quarter, the long-awaited group video calls were launched. From that moment on, we began to compete with the already existing giant applications like ZOOM and Skype. We ourselves no longer need them for work. Since then, all communication of the development team takes place only through its own messenger. This also helps us to quickly find possible errors and ways of development and make regular changes to the messenger. So, we made it possible to share the screen (“sharing”) in Gem4me mainly because we ourselves needed this function for work.

Another division of our team was engaged in two areas in the current quarter: chat bots and voice messages. We not only connected the catalog of chat bots, but also started filling it in. We started with a welcome bot and a translator: our project is multilingual and multinational, we  can't live without a translator. As for voice messages, we have completely rewritten this functionality and returned it to the application. Now they are available on all platforms, but we continue to improve them and in the next release will add the display of histograms on mobile platforms and the pinning of the button for recording a voice message.

Let's not forget about the small conveniences that were added to the messenger this quarter: we gave users the ability to customize the color mode and size of messages, and administrators were allowed to delete unnecessary messages in chats. The iOS version, which lagged far behind Android in the last quarter, is gradually closing the gap: now all actions on messages are available here, from forwarding to other chats to deleting.

The last quarter is left until the New Year. We have ambitious plans and during these three months we will still find something to pleasantly surprise you with.

Thanks for your attention, stay with us!

Your Gem4me Team

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