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Team blog GEM4ME №32


Good afternoon friends.

Yesterday was released another update of Gem4me, in which we added new functionality to calls, improved voice messages and released our application to the App Gallery (Huawei). And now a little more detail about each new feature.

Let's start with group calls. Previously, if you started a group call, and one of the users was not included in the desired chat, he could not join an already ongoing call even after being turned on. In this release, we have solved that problem: now you can connect to the call at any time. We also added a display of statuses and notifications when users come to and leave a call. So, if someone leaves the call before it ends or refuses to join at all, you will immediately notice it. Tracking truants has become more convenient :)

In addition, now on iOS you can minimize the call and freely navigate the application.

We have also improved voice messages, now both on iOS and on Android they are presented in the format of histograms. All platforms now have the ability to “pin” a voice message.

The iOS platform now has the ability to view and send video files. We also included the ability to enlarge photos, so now you can see the smallest details in the picture.

And the last innovation but not the least concerns the release of Gem4me in a new store. But first - the background.

In May 2019, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei, barring it from working with US firms. Because of this, Huawei has lost the ability to pre-install Google Play Market and other Google services such as Google Maps, Google Photos, etc. on its smartphones. Accordingly, all owners of Huawei smartphones found themselves in a situation where they could not install a single application from the Google store - including Gem4me. Users went by roundabout ways using the .apk file, but the functionality of applications launched in this way suffered greatly - for example, push notifications did not work in Gem4me.

In the end, Huawei just launched their own app store and we are happy to announce that our Gem4me has appeared in it since yesterday. Now owners of Huawei and Honor smartphones can use Gem4me in full.

Thank you for your attention, stay with us!

Your Gem4me Team

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