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Team blog GEM4ME №33


Good afternoon friends.

Let's talk about convenience. In fact, any application or service can be very useful, but if they are inconvenient to use, its life will be disappointing: people will either stop entering an application, or (if there is no way to refuse) they will overwhelm the developer with bad ratings. Therefore, it is better not to release an application with a mass of poorly developed functions, but to add them gradually, thoroughly testing at every stage, and refine them according to user feedback.

We are trying to follow this strategy. In the terminology of developers there is the concept of usability - it is exactly about how convenient and simple it is for the end user to understand the application and understand how and what can be done here. For example, if we have a messenger with a call function, then the call button should be located so that the user can immediately see it and press it conveniently (that is, it should at least be large enough and not located at the top of the screen).

From the first days of its existence, Gem4me has already supported the basic principles of usability - it always had notifications to prevent errors, the interface was as simple as possible to not confuse users, and our mobile applications always corresponded to the international standards of Google and Apple. However, this is not a reason to stop. We are constantly working to make the existing functionality even simpler and more convenient, and each person could customize all the new options “for himself”. This is why we added two new color schemes to Gem4me and allowed users to resize text in messages on mobile platforms.

The next thing we thought about thanks to your feedback is horizontal operation. Of course, it is much more convenient to watch a photo or video by turning the phone around. We will enable this feature in the next (October 28) release. And a little later, we will connect the functionality of making video calls and transfer a few more options to the "horizontal" mode.

Thank you for your attention, stay with us!

Your Gem4me Team

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