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Team blog GEM4ME №34


Good afternoon friends.

Today we want to talk about the development of the calling functionality. During the year we have done a lot of work: in Gem4me, audio and video calls have are now both available between two users and within a group. We are now ready to announce the video conferencing functionality.

What is the difference between video conferencing and group calls? The main difference is in the task. When you need to talk to several friends or colleagues on an equal footing, a group call is more than enough. But there are situations when there must be a moderator in the conversation - for example, if a teacher is conducting a lesson, or a manager is giving a presentation. Agree, all this noise, which usually accompanies any group call, when everyone has cameras and microphones on, is not suitable for a lesson or for serious business negotiations.

The conference start functionality will be available only to the group administrator; you can find the "start conference" button in your chat profile. Once the call starts, only the administrator can talk without asking permission from anyone. In order for the rest of the conference participants to be able to make it clear to the administrator that they want to speak, we have added the “raise your hand” functionality. The administrator will see the notification and will be able to give the participant the opportunity to speak when (and if) he sees fit.

We believe that videoconferencing will become the most popular in schools and universities, and they will also be used for important negotiations. As this functionality develops, we will add new conveniences for participants - for example, the ability to join a conference using a link. Stay tuned and follow the announcements!

Thank you for attention,

your Gem4me team

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