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Team blog GEM4ME №35


Good afternoon friends.

Another update of our messenger took place yesterday on all platforms. The main innovation, of course, was our video conferencing, which we have already talked about earlier. However, there's still a lot that we are happy to share with you.

Calls functionality in the web version has changed significantly. We have added a new type of call display, when the video from one participant is displayed in full screen, but at the same time it's possible to see thumbnails of the other participants. Accordingly, now each user, if desired, can focus on the video that is most interesting to him. Continuing the development of the calls functionality, we also improved the Android version of the application: now the active call is always displayed at the top of the chat list, and it has become much more difficult to miss or not notice the call.

In addition to the new features, we are also working on the already implemented and improving it. For example, starting with the current version, on some mobile platforms, it became possible to use our application in a horizontal position to view photo and video materials. In the future, this opportunity will appear for all screens. And on the iOS version, it became possible to save photos and videos to your phone and send these materials to other applications.

Stay connected, always yours

Gem4me Team

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