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During Gem4me development, we care first of all about making the application clear and comfortable, so that all our users can communicate and make purchases. To do this, we are constantly analyzing statistics and have noticed that one of the most popular types of messages is sending stickers. This format is especially loved by a younger audience. We also often receive requests for new packs of stickers and emojis to add them. And in the near future we will delight you with a new product: animated stickers that will make communication even more fun and expressive.

Some technical information for the most curious. What are animated stickers? Initially, gifs became very popular (mainly in social networks). This is a bitmap format of graphic images that allows you to combine several images, due to which the user is shown animation, which in fact consists of quickly switching from one picture to another. GIFs are quite popular now, they cover the main need for communication on the network - to express emotions, but they have their drawbacks, first of all - the rather large “weight” of the file (because of which it can take a long time to load) and poor clarity.

But technologies do not stand still, their next step is the transition from raster format to vector, which allows to make animation much clearer and "lighter". Today, one of the most popular libraries for working with vector animation and creating stickers is the Lottie library. This is what we will use to create animated stickers. Wait for the first pack in the near future!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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