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Good afternoon friends.

Last time we already told you that animated stickers will appear in the messenger soon. Today we will continue the topic and talk about another way to use these stickers: reactions to messages.

What are reactions for?

First of all, it is a tool for collecting feedback from users in the most simple form. Let's agree, that "like" is much faster than the  text written. And what if there are 100,500 participants in the chat and they all write something all the time? First, it will be extremely difficult for you to assess how much you liked your idea - the “canvas” of likes does not allow you to collect general statistics. And secondly important information can easily get lost between 5067 and 5089 messages.

Reactions to messages allow you to quickly resolve this problem. For example, you want to know how many people in your "Neighbors chat room" approve of the idea of a "forced voluntary" cleanup this weekend. Those who support the idea put their thumbs up. Those who do not support - go down. In a couple of hours you will understand whether it is worth starting a clean-up day, or you will be the only participant in it.

Thanks to the reaction system, you can both easily conduct surveys within group chats, and collect feedback on the content in your channels. Ask a multiple-choice question, attach an emoji corresponding to the reaction to each option (we plan to connect up to 5 different emoji). Chat members will be able to click on the reaction to vote, and Gem4me will show the total points.

What does animated stickers have to do with it?

In order for the visual reactions to fully match the user's emotions, we plan to make them as animated as our stickers. The only difference is that when using stickers, the animation will loop. And in the reaction, the animation will be played only once, then it will remain static so as not to distract users.

And the most important question is when to wait?

Reactions over messages is one of the tasks that we plan to complete this year. Stay tuned to keep abreast of all the latest news and be the first to try out the new functionality!

Always yours,

Gem4me development team

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