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Team blog GEM4ME №38


Good afternoon friends.

Yesterday we once again updated our application, and now we will tell you in detail what new we have.

The main innovation in the current update is the privacy settings. Now each of you can open your profile in the messenger and adjust the privacy level to add to group chats and channels. This is important if you do not want to be added into group without your permission. The settings take effect immediately after you select the appropriate option.

In addition to privacy settings, the current release includes an improvement in the functionality of message forwarding on all platforms - now you can forward one message to multiple chats at once. We also added the ability to send photos, videos and files from Gem4me to other applications.

Other small changes for different platforms:


Added navigation via swipes (swipes from top to bottom and left to right)


Added mentions in chats of other users and notifications


The functionality of uploading (to a pinned message, reply, etc.) has been improved, the ability to reply to an audio message and pin audio messages has been added.

In addition to the new functionality, we are still working on stabilizing the functionality and fixing bugs.

Always yours,

Gem4me development team

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