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Team blog GEM4ME №39


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will share our current plans with you. We continue to work on the functionality of calls. In the near future, they will become even more convenient - for example, you will have the opportunity to invite users to a group call right during the actual call.

Earlier, we made it possible to invite users to a group in which a call is already in progress - both by link and through the interface for adding to groups. Now the process will become even easier: you will not need to fold the call and open the group profile to add new people.

Please note that when you add a user to a call, he will also be added to the group chat so that he has the opportunity to participate not only in the call, but also in the chat correspondence. The reverse mechanism will also appear - an exception from the call. If a user is excluded from the call, he will also be excluded from the group chat.

All these changes will appear in Gem4me on December 9th. Our next step will be to increase the limit of participants in video conferencing, add the functionality of raising hands in video conferencing, and convert a call between two users into a group call. These are also not all new items, but we will tell about the rest a little later.

Stay connected to stay updated!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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