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Team blog GEM4ME №41


Good afternoon friends.

Yesterday we updated the application again. What was added?

In the current release, we have brought back such a concept as "channel category". Now, when creating or editing a channel profile, the administrator must specify its category. This is necessary so that after the launch of the channel catalog, users can quickly find interesting for them channels, focusing on the topic.

In addition to categories, we have simplified the rules for naming channels. Previously, a channel name could only include Cyrillic and Latin, underscores and dashes. Now you can use letters of any alphabet, special characters and even emoji in the name.

Calls functionality was also changed. We added the ability to invite any contact from the list to a call, even if he is not a member of the group where the call was initiated. In the same way, you can remove users from the call. Note that when you add a user to a group call, he is added to the group, and when excluded from the call, he is automatically excluded from the group.

We also implemented one small innovation on all platforms that our most active users asked for - automatic speaker change when listening to a voice message and bringing the phone to your ear.

Let's list the rest of the changes:


  • Sending media files with signatures;
  • Editing a group chat profile;
  • Hiding an extra menu with a logo when working in MarketSpace;
  • Displaying mentions in the chat;
  • Transfer files from gem4me to other applications.


  • Display, send and play audio files.


  • New interface for pinned messages and replies.

This year we will have time to update Gem4me again, the release is scheduled for December 23.

See you soon!

Your Gem4me Team

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