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Team blog GEM4ME №44


Good afternoon friends. The Holidays are over, which means that our friendly team has returned to the development of Gem4me with renewed vigor. On January 27, we will release the first update of this year. But we'll talk about it a little later. Now we are finalizing our plans for the current year and are ready to make the first announcement of a new functionality that will appear in the messenger by the end of the quarter - the folder functionality. 

If you constantly use any messenger, the number of chats inevitably grows exponentially. As a result, it may take several minutes to find the desired chat or contact that you did not write to at least a couple of days ago. In Gem4me, the situation is further complicated by the fact that here, in addition to all other chats (work and personal), you may have chats with sellers and buyers. 

Folders solve this problem. After the introduction of this functionality, all your discussions regarding the purchase or sales will be grouped into a separate folder. You can move all inactive or irrelevant chats from the general list to the "Archive" folder. 

We will share more details about our other plans for the year in the video in our DevChest channel. It will appear towards the end of the month. We will be very grateful to you if you subscribe to the channel and rate our work. 

Sincerely yours, Gem4me team

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