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Hello, everyone!.

Today we'll talk with you about the functionality that is very important for creating content - text formatting. When working with large and not so large texts, content-makers often need to place accents: highlight part of the words, make bulleted lists, break the text into paragraphs. This functionality has already been partially implemented in Gem4me, but let's take a look at what has been done well and what can be improved.

Gem4me now uses special characters to format text. For example, if you need to select text, use asterisks: one for italics, two for bold (we write this: *text*, ** text **, asterisks indicate the beginning and end of the selection and disappear after the formatting is done applied). Yes, for a person who has been working on the Internet for a long time, this is not a great invention. However, inexperienced users may not even know about this feature.

In addition, this formatting method is not very convenient. Of course, in cases where you need to highlight a word or a sentence, it works. But if you just need an asterisk (*) for, for example, complex mathematical formulas, the messenger will take it as part of the formatting and will automatically apply a certain style.

To solve this problem, we decided to add a new menu when selecting text, which will allow you to select the type of formatting from the list (bold, italic, underline, etc.). Thus, the formatting will become more understandable and accessible to all users.

The feature is currently under technical discussion, and we will release it in release this quarter.

Stay tuned for the latest news!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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