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Team blog GEM4ME №49


Good afternoon friends.

Yesterday we updated Gem4me another time. In that release we tried to make the messenger more convenient and added new functionality for channel owners and readers.

At the end of last year, we promised that we would actively develop public groups and help content creators. Channel administrators often complained to us that they did not have enough view statistics, because it is difficult to understand which messages are interesting to readers and which ones are not very interesting without it. Now these statistics are open and available to everyone.

We also thought about the convenience of using chats, because some of them already have millions of messages. Now we have a searching tool, and it works, as we promised, not only with text messages, but also with photos and videos, and even with the names of files that you sent in these chats.

As usual, in the release we have fixed bugs and made a few more minor changes. For example, now not only the initiator of the call, but also any administrator of the chat, can end a call for all participants. And on the Web platform, the online status is displayed in the chat list and the appearance of system messages has been updated.

Stay tuned for the latest news!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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