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Team blog GEM4ME №50


Good afternoon, everyone!

Today we have an unusual blog issue. Well, firstly, it is our 50th anniversary. For 50 weeks, we have been sharing with you the details of the development, talking about our plans and reporting on their implementation. Together we have already come a very long way, but the most important and interesting, as usual, is upcoming!

And secondly, today we have an unusual topic. We made our own channel in Gem4me. Here we will answer the questions you ask us the most. There are more and more users, and we no longer have time to answer personally to everyone, although we try. Our channel will collect answers to the hottest topics related to the development and functionality of the messenger.

For example, we are often asked in which regions and on which smartphones our messenger works. The short answer is everywhere and on any device, the full answer can be read in our channel. We have also written an instruction for those who found an error in the messenger and want to send it to us, and told us what to do with the “hanging” call.

If you are interested - join us!

Stay tuned for the latest news.

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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