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Team blog GEM4ME №53


Good afternoon friends.

Today we are ready to announce new functionality. We have already prepared the design and took the tasks into work, so it's time to tell you what awaits us in the near future - translating messages into another language.

We are making an international messenger, in which a person from anywhere in the world can sign in and use it. That means that there must be people who speak different languages. And they not only talk, but also sell goods and offer services, which means that one day, sooner or later, everyone will face a question, - “how can I buy these Polish brooms if I don’t understand Polish at all”.

We partially closed this issue by launching a translator bot. However, you must agree that every time jumping from the chat with the interlocutors to the chat with the bot is not the most convenient solution. Therefore, we decided to improve the translation functionality and developed a new concept, according to which the translation is carried out directly in the chat where you are conducting the conversation. Users will be able to interact with the message to translate it into an understandable language, and it will be absolutely free.

But we decided not to stop there either. Imagine that you have found a product you are interested in on our MarketSpace, but you have a lot of questions for a seller who does not speak your language. Translating each message separately is an additional hassle that we would like to avoid. Therefore, we decided to add the functionality of automatic translation of all messages in the chat, which can be turned off, if you want.

We plan to launch translation functionality in the next quarter. Stay tuned to be the first to try out the new functionality and be able to influence Gem4me.

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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