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Team blog GEM4ME №57


Good afternoon friends.

In the latest release, we launched a full-fledged channel catalog, and today we want to tell you how this functionality works "under the hood".

The catalog itself consists of several parts:

1. Search and filtering;

2. List of all channels;

3. Channel widgets;

4. Moderation tool.

The first two (search, filtering and channel list) are pretty simple and straightforward functionality. Every channel has a name and a category (topic of the channel), so every user can find a channel for himself using a search or filtering by category.

Channel widgets are more interesting. We have three widgets, each has its own sorting principle. The Popular Channels section displays a list of channels sorted by the number of subscribers, and the Fast Growing section displays the channels that have joined the maximum number of new subscribers in the last month. Ihe section "Recommended" channels is personalized for each user - it displays channels depending on your interests. For example, if we see that you mainly subscribe to channels on the topic “Cooking” and “Travel”, then the recommended ones will mainly include channels on the same topics (of course, only those to which you have not subscribed yet).

And the last part of the catalog is the tool with which it works and which is not seen by anyone except our technical administrators. This tool is designed as part of our "back office", with which we used to manage our stickers, channel categories, chat bots and much more. Now, using this tool, we can choose which channels will be displayed in the catalog and which will not (for example, channels containing adult content are not displayed in the catalog).

In the near future, we also plan to enable users to promote their channels on a paid basis in our catalog in a separate section.

Stay tuned and stay up to date with everything that happens with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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