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Team blog GEM4ME №59


Hello, everyone!

We continue to improve Gem4me calls and today we will tell you about the functionality that will allow us to achieve better quality, as well as build the foundation for further development. It's about a feedback form after the end of the call.

At the moment, most of the users probably like the quality of the calls. But there are also complaints. Every day they decrease, but manual processing of each request takes a lot of time: you need to contact the user, clarify the essence of the problem, analyze the event logs. Therefore, in one of the next releases, we plan to launch a new form for users who, after the end of the call, will be able, firstly, to assess its quality and suggest improvements, and secondly, to send the necessary information already collected indicating the problem.

This feature will be useful not only for existing calls, but also for new functionality related to streaming. By the end of the year, we plan to launch the functionality of online broadcasts, improve the functionality of conferences and add augmented reality masks to all types of calls.

Stay tuned and stay up to date with all our new products!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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