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Team blog GEM4ME №60


Good afternoon friends.

Since May 2021, we will release all new Gem4me updates in two phases. The first stage - beta testing - will go through the test group, and only after that the application will be released.

A bit of the theory - just so you understand what is going on. In the development of any software, there are several stages that are used to describe the degree of readiness of a software product. Also, the stage (alpha, beta, etc.) can reflect the number of implemented functions planned for a specific version of the program.

The beta testing stage assumes that the application is working ok (because this is far from the first stage of development and by this time the application is being reviewed by our internal quality assurance department). Major mistakes that are inevitable in the development process are usually fixed by this point. The main task of beta testing is not only to get feedback on the quality of the new version, but also to hear an opinion on the business logic embedded in the new functionality.

If you would like to participate in beta testing, simply follow one of these links:



After testing begins, instructions will appear in these chats.

Thanks for your help with development!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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