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Team blog GEM4ME №61


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will tell you about the new functionality that our team is working on. It's about transferring money in Gem4me.

Cases, when you understand that you need to transfer money to the interlocutor right during a conversation in the messenger, are not so rare. From time to time, each of us has to transfer money to children or parents, contribute som money for friends' birthdays or pay for some minor services.

Of course, all this functionality is available in bank applications, but first you need to install these applications, then open them, make sure that you know the details of the person's account to whom you want to make the transfer, and only then proceed with the transfer itself. This whole chain of actions looks completely different in the messenger. The application is already open, all the data is already there, so all you need to do is go to the profile of the desired user and click on the button. 

In addition, in Gem4me we will add the functionality of a wallet, in which it will be possible not only to store savings, but also to replenish them - both with money and with bonus codes. These codes can be earned in Gem4me itself. But how? We will tell you that after the launch of this functionality.

It is too early to talk about specific dates, the functionality is at an early stage and its implementation depends on many external factors, but we expect to launch translations by the end of 2021.

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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