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Good afternoon friends.

Let's talk about access levels today. Let's start, as usual, with terminology.

In each application, a variety of actions are available to users, and it is the level of access that determines which functions the user can perform and which cannot. Differentiation by access levels is an extremely important functionality, since there are always cases when some users should have more capabilities than others.

Gem4me has already implemented this separation, but the access levels are currently static. For example, only the administrator of a group chat can delete other people's messages or start conferences in chats. However, there are times when a static "matrix" of access levels does not work well - for example, if you are not satisfied that some users may start a call at 2 am. It is to cover these cases that we plan to implement customizable access levels in group chats.

This means that administrators of group chats will be able to customize the list of available actions for users - making calls and conferences, inviting new users, etc. In addition with the development of the flexible matrix, we also want to implement such a role as "Chat / channel owner" in our group chats and channels. After that, each chat and channel will have a user (in most cases, the creator of the chat / channel) who can manage the list of administrators, delete the chat / channel, or transfer these rights to another user.

We have already started technical work and expect to launch this functionality this summer.

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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