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Team blog GEM4ME №65


Good afternoon friends.

This week, another release of our messenger took place. The main innovation is the articles' functionality.

Articles are a specific type of messages that allow you to combine different types of data - text, pictures, audio and video recordings. Now you can create a full-fledged article that will be convenient for our users to read. The functionality is already fully available on the Android platform, on the Web it is only possible only to view articles, and on iOS this functionality will appear a little later. We have already received the first feedback and are planning to improve the functionality of articles - soon we will add drafts and the scheduled publications.

In addition to the articles, there are some other improvements in the current update. For example, starting with this release, the preview functionality has become available on all platforms - not only Web links to external resources, but also a preview of information in chat using a link to a product from MarketSpace. Now it has become easier to discuss the purchase / sale of goods.

In addition, each platform has its own small improvements:


  1. Icons for channel categories in the catalog;
  2. Tutorial for the first time you use the articles.


  1. Preview of product links and web links;
  2. Channel catalog.


  1. Editing signatures in albums;
  2. Icons for channel categories in the catalog.

Thank you for your attention and see you in a week!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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