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Team blog GEM4ME №68


Good afternoon friends.

This week, Gem4me released an update for the last time in the current quarter. Let's look back, remember everything that happened anda what was interesting in this quarter, and then - let's talk about plans for the future.

Throughout the first quarter, we have been developing new message types. First, we launched the album messaging functionality to make it convenient to send a large number of media files. And at the end of the quarter, we launched the article functionality in a test mode. After that, cool materials began to appear in groups, in which the authors use not only text and pictures, but also audio files and even geotags.

It took a lot to develop the PWA version, about which we told you about last time. Now you can install Gem4me on your computer and use it as a desktop application. We also have features that are less global, but very pleasant for users: congratulations in chats, a counter of views and reactions, a preview of information for links. Moreover, the preview of links began to work not only for external links, but also for links to products from our MarketSpace.

I will separately mention our iOS team. Even though we are still looking for specialists in this area, the team has taken an excellent pace and in the first quarter began to gradually catch up with the functionality of the leader - the Android team. In particular, iPhone owners finally got a channel catalog and file transfer.

And a few final words about our plans for the next quarter. In addition to developing new functionality, our team is already actively reworking the lists of participants in group chats and channels. This is more of a technical task, but after the completion of the work, users will be able to feel the difference in work by increased speed of our messenger. In addition, we are currently developing a new section "Calls" with the history of calls through Gem4me, the functionality of deferred messages and drafts, a referral program and the ability to record conferences.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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