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Team blog GEM4ME №72


Hello everyone!

Today we want to tell you about the new functionality that will appear in Gem4me in the next release. This functionality is the history of calls in the messenger.

Call history will firstly appear on the Android platform. This will be a separate tab where you can view the history of all calls made through the messenger. You will see who started the call, when and how long it lasted. On the same screen, you can re-start a call in any chat available to you or create a new call with the desired user.

With the launch of the call history functionality, we will make some analytics on how users use the capabilities of this screen. We assume that call history is a very convenient and frequently used feature, but to be sure of this, we decided to check how often you will use it. If we see that the function is really constantly used, then in the next releases we will expand its capabilities. On other platforms, the call history will appear a little later.

We also released a small update this week and you can now create news articles on the web platform. We hope that all content creators will appreciate the convenience and opportunities that articles give them, and will use this format more often.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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