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Good afternoon!

Improving existing functionality is a priority for our team, along with developing new ones and fixing bugs. One of the features that will be improved in the near future is the draft functionality.

Drafts in the messenger are messages that the user started to type, but for some reason switched to another chat, application, or turned off Gem4me altogether. At the same time, the text remains in the field and does not disappear anywhere, you can return to it at any time, finish and send.

At the moment, the function works on Android and Web platforms, but in a stripped down form: for example, if a user starts writing a message on the phone, he will not be able to finish it on the Web platform. This is exactly what we want to improve now. In addition, we will add drafts functionality to the iOS platform.

But that's not all. Not so long ago, a new type of messages appeared in our messenger - News Articles. We will also develop a draft mechanism for them. This will allow you to plan the creation of content in the channels, as well as make this process more convenient, since content makers will be able to throw ideas for posts in advance. And not only sitting at the computer, but even while on the road, from a smartphone - so that later on to put the material in order already on the desktop.

Everything described will work in September.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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