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Good afternoon friends.

We recently launched the News Articles (Articles) functionality, but have already received enough feedback from you, to think about improving this functionality. Three main areas of work were identified: subheadings, galleries and drafts.

Subheadings. The current functionality contains everything you need to create small articles or press releases - we have a text title, the ability to create paragraphs, format text (highlight fragments in bold, italic, underline), insert media files - from photos to audio- and video-recordings. But longreads are inconvenient to read without subheadings (H2), so we decided to add this feature as well.

Galleries. In the current release, you can insert a photo or picture into the text, but this is not enough. We will give you the opportunity to add a whole gallery of images to an article at once. As in regular correspondence, a photo or gallery can be provided with an explanatory signature.

Draft will allow you to work on the creation of the article right in the messenger - even if something distracts you and you do not finish with the article in one go, it will remain in the form in which you left it. No matter how much time and approaches it takes, the article will always be in place, and you can publish it when ready.

We will launch the functionality of drafts in the near future - on Android they will appear in the next release on September 1, and on the Web platform on September 22. The rest of the functionality will be launched in October.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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