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Team blog GEM4ME №80


Hello, everyone!

On Wednesday, we had another release, in which we finished improving the logic of the list of participants and subscribers of chats and channels, and also added a lot of new functionalities. So let's observe that in more detail.

Starting with the current release, Gem4me will have a completely new user ban logic. Previously, a banned user could still continue to read messages in a group chat, and in general, all the functionality in the chat, except for sending messages, remained available. There was no ban logic at all in the channels. Now, if the administrator or owner of a chat or channel banns a user, he will immediately be excluded from this chat / channel and added to the black list. The user will not be able to re-enter this chat and view the content until it is unbanned. Along the way, we made it possible for all users to mark the chat as unread - sometimes such an opportunity is necessary in order to leave a note for the future.

In addition to cross-platform, we have also added new functionality on every single platform. On the web now we have such functions as Drag & Drop (the ability to drag files with the cursor to send), drafts for articles, updated logic for working with sticker packs, and we also improved the video quality when sharing videos to HD. On iOS, there was an indicator of the quality of communication during a call, an intro for new users and online user statuses. On Android we added the translation of messages into another language from the chat, an intro for new users, an indicator of the quality of communication during a call, and we also launched the delayed message sending functionality in alpha mode.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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