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Hello, everyone! 

On October 4, Facebook with Instagram and WhatsApp went into a global outage. Services were unavailable for 7 hours, the worst network failure in at least a decade.

What happened? The official version is that the problem is related to the configuration of DNS servers, perhaps a hacker attack also took place in parallel. As users were unable to access their usual services, they began to look for some replacements, and as a result, widespread access problems swept across a variety of other platforms - from Netflix and Zoom to YouTube and Tinder. For example, according to the analytics service tgstat, Telegram has added 50 million new users.

Why is this important to us? Gem4me also experienced this effect: the number of installations and active users at the time of the lockout increased several times. At the same time, our servers withstood the dramatically increased load without any problems (in contrast to the Telegram, where there were problems with access). Our users did not notice anything unusual at all - they could still correspond, call each other, buy on MarketSpace and read the news.

For us, that means that the infrastructure we have built works stably and will not fail even at peak loads. But we, of course, are not going to stop there. We are launching a new release next week, and a little later we will share our plans with you by the end of the year.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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