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Team blog GEM4ME №83


Good afternoon friends.

Last time we talked about the fact that after a large-scale failure occurred in the work of Facebook, many new users came to us, and our servers withstood this load. On the one hand, we were pleased with how the architecture of our messenger was built, and on the other hand, we saw that we needed some refinement of the current functionality so that all users, especially beginners, would be comfortable communicating in Gem4me. Therefore, in the current release, which we installed on the servers this week, we spent most of the time fixing existing errors and debugging functionality.

What has been corrected? Basically, functionality that is invisible to the unaided eye, but you will feel the changes at the user level - the messenger will work smoother, faster and without errors. For example, we found that a significant proportion of web users use Safari, and we optimized Gem4me for that browser. For our Android users, we have improved the algorithms that are used for viewing media content (photos, videos, galleries): there will not appear too slow downloads and displaying errors. The owners of the iPhone were also not forgotten - we have updated the code of group chats and channels for you.

Now we are starting to implement the new functionality again. Next month, our users will be able to sign-up directly from the web version, and it will also be possible to add new contacts to it. We will continue to delight leading publishers - we will make the formatting of articles faster and more convenient. And the most interesting thing is the streaming functionality.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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