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Team blog GEM4ME №84


Good afternoon friends.

We have good news - registration and authorization via message code is now available in the web version of the messenger.

This means that now you can start using Gem4me without even having a mobile phone (you only need it once - to accept the code). Before, this wasn't possible, first you had to install the application on your smartphone. Only after that you could go to the QR-code scanning section and point the camera at the open browser tab so that the messenger opens on your computer or laptop.

Now a new user can log in by simply typing his phone number, after which an message with a verification code will be sent to him. The registration form you may find here.

Why did we do it? To make it convenient for a new user to access all the features of Gem4me, even if he owns a very old phone that does not support the latest applications like our messenger. In addition, we noticed that some users prefer to use the messenger only on a computer, and decided to save newbies from having to take that unnecessary steps.

With this functionality, we have updated the QR-code download page. The new page looks more modern and attractive, and in the near future we will include our corporate design with beautiful illustrations and our "Gemmy" mascot.

Stay in touch!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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