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Team blog GEM4ME №85


Good afternoon friends.

Today we will talk about one of the main directions in Gem4me development at the moment - improving channels and content in them.

The channel catalog is currently a static collection of channels. The catalog displays 4 channel widgets - the most popular, the fastest growing, personal selection and a list of all other channels. As you know, only in one widget the collection is personalized. In other widgets, all users may see the same channels.

Usually, the longer the channel is in the top of the collection, the more audience it gets. Thus, the most popular channels remain the most popular, and growth from home page visitors provides additional development of already fast-growing channels. It turns out that our top channels do not change over time, and whenever you go to the messenger, you will always see the same thing.

We've decided that that is wrong - we have a lot of new channels that, perhaps, are not so popular, but not because they are poorly conducted, but simply because the channels need to be helped to recruit additional users. Therefore, in the next release, the channel catalog will change slightly: it will contain custom selections, which we are still planning to collect manually. For example, by Black Friday, we will be able to collect a selection of channels that are maintained in support of stores on our MarketSpace, and in June (by the beginning of the vacations season), we will be able to bring the travel channels to the fore.

In addition, in the near future we will configure the ability to display different widgets for different regions. This is necessary in order for users to see channels in their native language first.

We are also happy to announce the article translation functionality. Previously, the translation functionality has already been launched, but only for text messages. In the near future, users will be able to translate entire articles, and the messenger itself will offer translation if the language of the content differs from the language set by the user.

In addition to the above functionality, we are also working on the functionality of subheadings and comments in channels, which we will discuss in one of the following blogs.

Stay in touch!

Sincerely yours,

Gem4me team

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