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Hello, everyone!

Today we will talk about how we select employees for the development team, what difficulties we face and what our future plans are.

Acquaintance with any candidate begins with his resume, and for the candidate - with our job description. Leads are responsible for compiling a job description for each platform, as well as for the interview process, but any team member can also take part in this - it is very important for us that the new employee is a perfect pick and fits into the current team. During the interview, we also try to tell the candidate in as much detail as possible about what tasks he has to do, what further development plans we have, and after the interview we give everyone detailed feedback.

Our main problem now is the outflow of qualified developers from the Republic of Belarus due to the political situation in 2020. The political crisis turned everything upside down and forced to reconsider the policy of hiring employees, since good personnel are slowly but surely leaving the country and preferring to work in foreign companies. To regain control of the situation, we used the experience of remote work for the employees, which we have gained since the beginning of the pandemic. We have now scaled up this practice. If earlier we looked for and worked only with employees from Belarus, then since the beginning of 2021, 10% of our specialists are from other countries.

We have big plans for the near future (online broadcasts, improving channel management tools and much more), so we are expanding the team and looking for specialists in the following areas:

- Java / Kotlin Developer (Backend) 

- Android Developer (Kotlin) 

- React Developer 

All these specialists, in addition to a competitive salary and a full social package, will receive a friendly team, the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, cheerful corporate events in Minsk and, most importantly, work on a project that they can then proudly indicate in their portfolio.

Come to us, perhaps we are looking for you!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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