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Team blog GEM4ME №89


Good afternoon friends.

On November 24, 2021, we had another Gem4me update. Today we will tell you what our team has done by this date.

On all platforms, work was done to accelerate the launching of MarketSpace. Now we save the last opened page in MS on the phone if the user switches back to the messenger, and another part of the mechanism for opening MS is launched in the background as soon as the user opens the application. Thus, in some cases, we have reduced the user timeout by 3 seconds.

Also, on all platforms from the current release, we have integrated a YouTube player, which will allow users to watch content from the most popular video platform right inside the messenger, without having to install additional applications.

The following improvements have been made on the iOS platform:

  •  Scheduled messages;
  •  Ability to create a new call from the screen with a list of calls;
  •  Indicator of unread messages on the icon of channels and chats inside the application.

Until the end of the year, we will have another scheduled release and beta test of an Android application with a new database.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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