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Team blog GEM4ME №92


Good afternoon friends.

In today's blog we will summarize the past year and share with you information about the future of the project. Let's first recall together what's new in Gem4me since the beginning of the year.

Communication in Gem4me

The most important thing in the messenger is, of course, communication, and by the end of this year we can confidently say that communication in Gem4me has become much more convenient. Users can now see each other's online status. Of course, this feature works with privacy settings, and a user who is not in your phone book will not see this information. In addition, search functionality has been added to all chats. You can search both the messages themselves in any chat, and chat participants from the chat profile screen. And also, since our messenger is used in almost all countries of the world, this year we launched an online translator that allows you to translate a message into any language supported by our platform.


Almost all of our users use calls. Agree, it would be very stupid on our part if we did not improve this functionality. The first thing we did this year was to multiply the maximum number of participants. Previously, up to 25 users could participate in a call, now - up to 1000. In addition, in the last release of this year, we have included additional privacy settings for the calling functionality. With this setting, any user can choose who can call him - any Gem4me user, only people from his phone book, or no one at all.

Channel catalog

Another important part of our messenger is news channels. This year we have developed a unique functionality - articles. This is a separate type of message that is intended for creating longreads. Each article is displayed in the feed as a small widget, while not cluttering the feed with unnecessary information. In the widget, the user can see the title, picture and an excerpt of the article, and upon opening it, view the entire article in its entirety on a separate screen. In addition, creating content has also become much more convenient with the help of our new menu for text formatting. If earlier formatting was implemented using special characters, now, after selecting the text, it becomes possible to select the text style in the menu that appears.

Plans for 2022

The most important task for us has always been and still remains to improve the basic functionality of the messenger, to increase the speed of sending messages and files. At the beginning of next year, we plan to devote several releases to this topic. In addition to improving the speed of our messenger, there are also a number of functions that we plan to launch next year: online broadcasts, conference recording functionality, comments in channels, further improvement of the channel catalog, and much more. We have ambitious plans, there is a lot of work, and we are sure that we will cope with it. After all, the Gem4me team is a team of professionals.

Thank you for being with us this whole year, see you next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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