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Team blog GEM4ME №93


Good afternoon friends.

January is the best time to tell you about our plans for 2022. This year we will continue our already established practice of three-week-updates. We plan to develop three main areas: channels, audio and video communications, and improving the basic functionality of the messenger.

All these areas are extremely important for our product: the first two help to attract new users and offer them unique functionality that no one else has. And by improving the work of the basic functionality of the messenger, we give you the opportunity to use it with pleasure - without bugs, lags and other problems.

Our roadmap for this year is very extensive, we will not show it all, but we will go through the main points.

1 quarter

The biggest release of this quarter is live streaming. Leading blogs will have the opportunity to conduct their own live broadcasts, while subscribers will be able to watch them and leave reactions. We will enable broadcast commentary in the second quarter, having thoroughly tested the basic functionality.

In addition, in the first quarter the ability to report inappropriate content (both in channels and private messages) will be developed, call and broadcast recording, typing alerts, and the ability to make timed publications.

2 quarter

We will focus on our channels to make the catalog more user-friendly for users from different countries. If now the same directory is seen from anywhere in the world, then from the second quarter it will be customized for a specific user. Firstly, immediately upon registration, we will clarify the interests of the user and select channels in the catalog for the topics chosen by him. Secondly, when entering the directory, the user will first see the channels in his native language.

We also plan this quarter to enable you to upload and use private stickers and include hashtags that will make it easier to find the information.

3 quarter

Here we have planned the start to work on channel monetization. We are well aware that bloggers who come to us are used to getting rewarded for their work and are ready to provide them with the tools for this. We will tell you more about how it will look closer to the point, when the concept is finally approved.

In the same quarter, we want to add the ability to conduct voting and quizzes in the messenger, and we will also work on a significant increase in the speed of loading messages.

4 quarter

At the end of the year, we want to make Gem4me the best way to get information for any of our users. To do this, a news feed will appear in the messenger. It will include both publications from the channels you subscribe to, as well as important news and channels recommended to you.

In addition, we will have folders for chats (to put chats there by category, for example, “work chats”, or “chats with clients” - this will make them much easier to find), as well as stories and masks.

Of course, like any plan, ours may change over time: some features may be added earlier or later, something will be added in the process, something will be transferred to the next year. But we firmly believe that by the end of 2022, Gem4me will look much more powerful than most competitors, even the most famous ones.

Stay with us!

Always yours,

Gem4me team

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