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MarketSpace desktop version fully launched


Good afternoon friends!

As you remember, about a month ago we launched desktop version of our marketplace MarketSpace. Then it copied the mobile version and solved only one main problem — it gave access to MarketSpace services from a computer.

Today we are pleased to announce that MarketSpace desktop version has been completely redesigned and launched in production mode. It is now a full-fledged full-screen version in which all elements are re-arranged based on the width of the browser page. With the advent of the desktop version of Gem4me, all MarketSpace elements will be rebuilt depending on the size of the application window selected by the user.

The changes affected the following pages: the main page with banners and product widgets, the product page, the user's wish list, as well as the search and filtering block for products by category.

At the moment, we are working on connecting the functionality of online payment for goods, and we also plan to implement widgets for goods in Gem4me in the near future and reduce the waiting time for loading.

Stay in touch!

MarketSpace Development Team

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