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Favorite project as a part of life


For those who join Gem4me, the project becomes something more than just an investment opportunity. It unites and inspires, changes one’s approach to life. We spoke with investors from various cities and learned how they got acquainted with the project and envision its future.  

Aya Mikeeva, investor from Almaty 

I am now retired, yet my professional path was quite unordinary. I graduated from a university in Moscow and worked in my field, although at some point it was time to purchase an apartment and my professional field did not provide enough funds for such.  As the result, when I was invited to join the police force I was promised an apartment and I joined as I’ve always dreamt of being a police woman. I’ve worked there for quite some time and then proceeded to the MIA Academy.   

At some point I came to a realization that I am not fully realizing my potential. I decided to bring a cultural twist to my occupation: my colleagues were good at dancing and singing. Despite that, it was still not enough for me to fully develop and prosper from within. I had to serve for 6 more years and I decided not to proceed any more and left. 

In my opinion, i was truly lucky to have met the company’s administration: Natalya Arshavskaya, Alexander Kachanovskiy, Valeriy Ostrikov. When I learned about the project I joined without a single doubt. These are the type of people with whom you are able to achieve something, as they always attain what they announce. As it happens, my choice was based on who is in charge and I am grateful to them.  

I am excited to be a part of the company. I was never aware of any technical terms and the IT sector previously. I still recall the time when we had to do initial testing of the messenger and I would not understand half the words in the task itself. Now I recall those days with a smile on my face.  

We have a quarantine in place since March 19 and it is rather strict. It is especially sad that we are unable to travel and visit other cities. The project always needs new people, and I am not talking about the financial side, but rather the human factor itself. It is important to enjoy working with those people and to surround yourself with like-minded people. 

People in Kazakhstan have a mentality that online communication is simply not enough. They need to have eye contact, speak in person in order to leave a correct impression and make a decision about a person. As the result, in-person meetings determine a lot. Not many understand what investing truly is. Perhaps, the reason is due to the large amount of questionable projects that create an overall negative picture about this type of business. 

The most valuable resource nowadays - are people with whom you are confident in creating and achieving set goals. Gem4me project has a great sense of mutual assistance. The project has its own Charity Fund where everyone helps each other. It is evident that those people who help their colleagues at a time of hardship are those who are not indifferent and are great at striving towards goals with.

The project also has a very caring administration. Working is much easier and more efficient when you are helped. I am frequently amazed at how profound our administration is. The project's team is very tight-knit and we are very efficient at working together.  Moreover, we are constantly learning from one another and are improving our knowledge in the IT area and other aspects of our work.  I truly hope that the pandemic will soon end and we will be able to host meetings in person. 

We have everything needed for success: a professional team of developers and an experienced international team that manages the project. We have profound and high-class specialists who are able to answer any questions. We are continuously broadening our boundaries and are looking forward to returning to full-time working with our Gem4me!

Rina Ashihmina, investor from Izhevsk

I am now a retired entrepreneur and an investor. I am only working with Gem4me at this time. My first investing experience was tarther negative and I don't even want to remind myself of the major losses I suffered then. Gem4me — is the second company that I invested in with caution, I joined with the smallest package available before fully studying all the legal documents about it. 

Crowdinvesting is a great option due to the fact that it allows for any person to invest a comfortable amount and purchase additional shares after the fact if needed, therefore  creating a large portfolio. That is the reason for why the project is for the people, as practically anyone can participate in it. One has the option of not risking a large sum right away and can start off with a smaller amount.  

I learned about Gem4me from Antonina Novoselova - she is well-known in the company and she was able to make me interested in the topic of IT technologies, even though I was never familiar with this industry before. Having learned that these products are in much demand nowadays I made the decisions to invest in the project and when I realized that the risks are minimal I started to purchase additional shares thereafter. 

The project is now approaching its completion, which makes me very excited! We already have an almost completed product that can be used. I am confident that in a matter of a year or two all of Gem4me’s investors and partners will receive their well-deserved profits. 

Inna Kuleshova, entrepreneur from Krasnovishersk

I also do digital photography and editing apart from Gem4me. I had no previous experience in investing and the project was my only one in this regard after I was introduced to it by Elena Gir. 

Development of a new messenger and a commercial platform — is practically a guaranteed opportunity to receive large profits nowadays, as the whole world is slowly transferring online. I won’t deny the fact that I had doubts, as I thought that the development process might take too long and it would be released late. Other messengers already existed at the time when I was just joining the Gem4m project.  However, now I am able to see how our application is ahead of the competition in terms of its technical aspects and operational quality.

I am confident that we will get a messenger with functions that neither Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype are abek to offer once it is completed. Additionally, it won't be the last project as the company has extensive experience in working with modern and in-demand technologies. 

I would like to also express my major gratitude to the project’s administration,all of its partners who participated in helping me gather enough funds for my surgery through the Company's Charity Fund. The people who work with Gem4me are priceless, the team is very tight-knit and will never leave you behind. Good luck and prosperity to everyone!  

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