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Gem4me comes to help


The “Helping with All of the World” Charity Fund has been functioning since 2016 under the management of Natalya Arshavskaya. Each year the fund receives between 80-100 requests, while more than 300 people received help over the course of its operation. The fund issues needed funds to partners and employees who find themselves in a difficult situation, as well as, their relatives and close ones. 

When contacting the fund a partner provides all the required documentation proving that he or she truly needs help and with a confirmation from a team-leader, after which the fundraising is announced between the company’s partners. 

The fund provides financial assistance for medical treatments, funerals and aftermath of natural disasters. In recent years, the amount of help issued to partners totaled up to 150 thousand euro annually - although, that seems to not be the limit by far.  

We spoke with Gem4me partners - Aleksey Pamshev, Irina Zinovyeva and Raisa Pirozhkova in order to find out how the Charity Fund helped them during their challenging times. 

Aleksey Pamshev 

I am handicapped for the early childhood: I have cerebral palsy as the result of a birth injury. I graduated school and went to college just like everyone, but it turned out that I was not in demand to work anywhere. As the result, I started extensively searching an opportunity to work through the Internet. I’ve worked with many organizations that ended up disappointing me, I lost time and money and had to start searching all over again.  

I became acquainted with the administration of the Gem4me project in 2013. I trusted the Board of Directors right away and I decided to start working with the company. Due to my condition I had almost no success over the course of the first year, but I did not give up: at a certain point i created a team that started growing and I joined the team of the company’s leaders in 2017. I am currently one of the project’s top leaders and am a co-creator of the company’s marketing plan. 

I contacted the “Helping with All of the World” Charity Fund for assistance prior to my career growth. My mother became seriously ill with cancer. The company helped me greatly at the time. The second time i contacted the Charity Fund was when my mother passed away, as I needed funds for her funeral and my health worsened due to the major stress. That is when the fund helped me greatly! On the third time, the company paid for my trip to one of the best resorts in Anapa where I was able to rest and get the much needed treatment in the summer of 2018.

I am beyond grateful for working with this company. Each day I am reassured that our company consists of honest and decent people. I see how outgoing and responsive our administration is towards the people, while I wasn’t the only one to receive assistance as my partners also received help from the fund as well. I am actively participating in the program and regularly contribute my own funds to the cause as nowadays it is crucial to help those who find themselves alone dealing with a problem. 

Just the fact that the company has such a Charity Fund already speaks for itself. Any partner can be confident that he or she will not be left alone at a time of hardship due to the fund, which receives generous contributions from time to time. This mutual assistance unites all of us and allows for us to grow.  

Irina Zinovyeva

I joined Gem4me in December of 2018. I had not a single doubt when I was told about the company: I purchased a package of shares right away and decided to start promoting our messenger. I started listening to presentations and briefings with the company’s leaders and developers of the project, became more knowledgeable in the topic and aware of the latest events.

My level of confidence grew even higher when I understood what kind of people are at foundation of this project. I have major respect and trust towards the Board of Directors and am grateful for everything that they do, especially for the “Helping with All of the World” Charity Fund. It was established by the company to offer help to those who find themselves in a difficult situation. 

I never thought that I would be in need to ask for help, but at a certain point I was discovered to have an illness. My vision dramatically worsened and I decided to get it checked, which concluded that the reason for the issue was an inflammation in my head that was pushing on the visionary nerve.

I was assigned a surgery to remove the inflammation but it went in a way that resulted in me losing vision in one eye and having very poor vision in the other one. My life changed completely: I found myself in a situation when I simply had no means for existing. I could not work - rehabilitation would take 3-4 months and I had a long path towards recovery as the inflammation was not removed fully. I had no idea what to do as I live on my own with my daughter and have no additional sources of income. That is when I submitted a request to our Charity Fund and my cry for help was heard and I received a profound financial support that I needed so much. 

I am beyond grateful to everyone who helped me: the people, the company and the fund. It is truly a fact that our major team is always there to help, as it is evident in such a critical situation. I am now even more convinced in this regard and my heart is overfilled with gratitude! I wish great health to everyone!

Raisa Pirozhkova 

I’ve been with the company for more than 3 years now and I truly love it. I was invited to join the project by Tatyana Sokovikova, my old friend with whom we used to work in a  different organization previously. I didn’t think for long, I took in all the information and signed the contract - I was right to do so. I am greatly impressed by the project as I understand how important, well-structured and of major scale it is. The technical side of the project was a bit challenging for me at first, although I learned the most crucial notion:  it is a project for the people. One is able to only invest here, but also earn profoundly. Moreover, the team is very tight-knit and friendly. 

I’ve submitted requests to the Charity Fund twice. The first time  — on behalf of my sister, who is now also participating on the project. She is handicapped and uses crutches to move around after her heart attack. It so happened that her husband passed away and she was left alone with minor savor, while she also needed to organize the funeral. She received funds that she needed so desperately from the Charity Fund.

The second time I received help myself. I was in a hospital at the time and had double the tragedy: my husband’s brother passed away and my son and him went to the funeral. I was so stressed out that I experienced an ischemic attack. I spent 11 days in the hospital and the first few days in the intensive care unit. Our Fund covered all of my medical expenses. It is hard to describe how grateful I am to everyone. I am grateful not only for the financial support but also for the moral and humane care that I was truly touched by. It can not be over-estimated. I am endlessly grateful to the Charity Fund, Natalya Arshavskaya who is in charge of it, and my favorite business mentors. Everyone joined in at a time of hardship and no one remained stagnant. 

Nowadays, this does not happen frequently. At a time of hardship, any of the company’s partners can ask for help and receive it rather promptly. Conferences are hosted each monday during which Natalya Arshavskaya discusses the latest developments in the life of our Charity Fund. There are some leaders who contribute funds each month, while others do so from time to time - but each one of them does so voluntarily. 

I am beyond grateful to the company and continue working with it. I believe in our mutual success as the company is truly oriented towards people, kindness and well-being.

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